Life Comics is an American daily comic strip illustrated and written by Jaylin Hughes since January 2017, and published onto ComicFury since March 2017. The Life Comics series revolves around Andrew McCloud, a 6th grader who hates school, tries to chase after ladies, and crazy to some people.

Currently, a novel in the series is being worked on.

Bibliography Edit

Three LIFE Comics books are being worked on for publishing. The Beginning: LIFE Comics Comic Compilation! covers strips from February-March 2017, LIFE Comics: Life Goes Crazy! covers strips from March 19, 2017, to May 14, 2017. LIFE Comics: Free Days will cover Sunday strips and long strips published in February-April 2017

Name Publication Date ISBN Publisher
The Beginning: LIFE Comics Comic Compilation! May 7, 2017 978-1-365-94731-5 (978-1-365-95826-7 for eBook edition) Lulu
LIFE Comics: Life Goes Crazy! May 13, 2017 978-1-365-96271-4 Lulu
LIFE Comics: Free Days TBA 2017 TBA Lulu
LIFE Comics: Practice Makes Perfect! TBA 2017 TBA Lulu

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